About Me

PortraitHello, my name is Dhakiyah. I am a lover of R&B music and since childhood I wanted to become a DJ. It was a dream that did not happen. As time went on, I dismissed the idea of becoming a professional DJ and pursued a career in the private sector in the field of Customer Service Relations, and I am still working full-time today. However, I still make time to work on my hobby as an Internet Radio Broadcaster. I enjoy having lots of Irons In The Fire!

I have been an Internet Presenter for over six years and I enjoy every minute of it! I look forward to opening up the mike every chance I can. I enjoy interacting with my listeners via Twitter and email while on the air. Believe it or not, my hobby as an Internet Radio Broadcaster requires a lot of hard work, planning my playlist, tweeting, along with interacting with my listeners. At the end of the day, I would not trade it for gold!!

If you’re interested in being a DJ, please send me an email to info@klassyfm.com